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  • Prosil-13


    PROSIL-13: Ionized Liquid Silicon Solution Product Overview: PROSIL-13 is a premium ionized liquid silicon solution designed to enhance plant growth and health. Registered in Florida (F003443), this product contains a guaranteed minimum analysis of 13.41% monosilicic acid (Si(OH)4) and 0.08% carbon organics. The specific gravity of PROSIL-13 is 1.13 g/mL, and it has a net…

  • Zumsil


    Why Agrosil? AgroSil Liquid/ ZumSil AgroSil is an advanced form of Activated Ionized liquid foliar applied silica containing a revolutionary form of plant available Silica. The only form of plant available silica (12% Mono and Poly Silicic acid), Si(OH)4 – unlike the quartz form of silica SiO2, which is simply ground up sand. AgroSil silica…